Ballistics Technology International (BTI) manufactures and supplies SACON® shock and bullet abosrbing concrete.

Welcome to Ballistics Technology International, Ltd.

Ballistics Technology International Ltd. provides facilities and structures that provide dynamic, modular, and scaleable solutions to fulfill various aspects of urban operations training. We help you design training elements that range from squad to battalion sized training. Scenarios can include close-quarters, on foot movement and control, and can incorprate light mobile, mechanized units up to and including armor elements in our live-fire facilities. You can train and perfect skills safely in facilities that are firing capable 360 degree inside and out.

Our modular panel system enables BTI to provide training facilities that change and scale with your training needs. BTI can provide entry trainers, grenade houses, and shoot houses for squad and small unit training. At the company level, we provide full live-fire villages with specific realistic building types and styles. On range, BTI provides protection for targetry, backstop blocks, baffles and protective walls to improve the SDZ’s.