Ballistics Technology International (BTI) manufactures and supplies SACON® shock and bullet abosrbing concrete.

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Live Fire Accessories

Top Panel Target Platform

BTI now offers a target platform that mounts a PITs target on the top of a SACON wall. The platform can be adjusted by 6-in up or down on the top of the panel. In presentation the target appears as a ‘top –of-building’ sniper.


Window Target Platform

Our window target platform is 28 x 32” in size, and can be adjusted by 10-in. up or down from the window ledge to optimize target presentation. Made of coated steel the target platform has a mesh base so target mechanisms can be easily bolted in place.


SACON Target Coffin

BTI is now offering all-SACON, bullet absorbing concrete target coffins. These coffins are easily handled with their 2-piece design. The front block is easily replaced. Each seciton has ‘hidden’ lifting points, and the coffin requires no additional protective wood. The unit can easily be dug into the ground to smooth into the landscape. Weight is 2100 lbs for the bottom and 1,000 lbs for the front section.


SACON Moving Infantry Target Protection System

To protect a moving infantry target BTI offers a SACON protection system that provides a solid base for the MIT’s track and protection for the lifter. The standard package covers 28-ft of track and additional modules are available. Protective height is 22” (base of MITs to top of SACON front blocks) and BTI will tailor it to your MIT system up to 28” high front blocks.


Urban Interior Target Holder

In live-fire urban training buildings a standard PITs target mechanism takes up 6-ft+ of the rooms. This simple target holder can handle an Ivan or a cardboard target, and when the target is hit it flops down to indicate a hit. Holder can easily be placed in rooms and only takes up 3-ft of the space.