Ballistics Technology International (BTI) manufactures and supplies SACON® shock and bullet abosrbing concrete.

Shoot Houses

Live Fire Training Shoot Houses

BTI’s modular panel system allows for the supply of movable-wall shoot houses. Our shoot house wall packages come in 8 to 11-ft wall height and with thicknesses of 24-in. and 30-in. If catwalks are desired we supply wooden catwalks that attach onto the top of our SACON walls. Our modular panel system allows for a wide variety of plans to be erected.

We have supplied a SACON CAMTF shoot house to Fort Benning based on a panel system design. At Fort Riley, KS BTI supplied a shoot house of similar layout using 3’x3’ SACON blocks. In Virginia BTI supplied a shoot house complete with catwalks. The 7-room facility plus a hallway is fitted with a mix of conventional breaching and explosive breaching doors.

For Police Departments BTI has supplied modular shoot houses for Wilson, NC and Clinton,CT. These SACON facilities provide a wide range of urban skill building, and their 18-in. thick panels mean the shoot house can be easily reconfigured as training requirement change.