Ballistics Technology International (BTI) manufactures and supplies SACON® shock and bullet abosrbing concrete.

SACON® - BTI's registered Shock Absorbing CONcrete

Shock Absorbing Concrete

SACON® bullet and shock absorbing concrete is an idea material for live-fire urban training. It also can be used for shock absorbing applications such as grenade houses, robot bomb trainers, or for blast protection walls.

BTI has further developed the SACON® technology from the original work done by the US Corps of Engineers in the early 1970’s. BTI and Waterways Experimental Station at Vicksburg, MS of  USACE jointly obtained a patent on the bullet absorbing concrete technology. BTI is a registered user of the SACON® trademark.

The bullet absorbing properties of SACON® make it ideal for urban or close combat live-fire training. The angle of ricochet is below 25 degrees from the plane of the material, making it safe for room clearing training. The material also can absorb thousands of rounds in a tight space of SACON. Typically a 5.56mm round penetrated about 3-in. into 90 lb/cu-ft SACON® without ricochet.

SACON® also is inflammable so it can be used with pyrotechnics, bombs and other materials that can catch fire. From an environmental point of view SACON® offers the benefit of capturing rounds so you now where much of the lead is, and the material can pass the EPA’s toxic leching protocol making it suitable for non-hazardous landfill disposal.