Ballistics Technology International (BTI) manufactures and supplies SACON® shock and bullet abosrbing concrete.

About Ballistics Technology International

Ballistics Technology International

Formed in 1996 Ballistics Technology International (BTI) was created to commercialize and develop SACON®, bullet and shock absorbing concrete. It was founded by James Sigurdson, of Toronto, ON. Associated with the company is Ballistics Technology Inc. of Toronto, which provides design and technical development work to BTI. The company produces SACON products at its precast plant in Wilson, NC and ships to the Eastern half of the continent. Western production comes from our contract manufacturing plant in Fontana, California.

BTI has developed wide experience in the design and installation of live-fire urban training facilities employing our technology. Our personnel are pleased to assist potential customers to refine their training facility requirements and BTI is willing to provide initial designs and budget costing to assist customers in project development.